Friday, November 20, 2009

Religion is sick.

Why is Christianity sick and what remedy (ies) can nurse her back to health?

Christianity seems to be ill. She is not what she was meant to be. She is not the grace that Jesus talked about. She is not the love that Jesus showed. She is rules and rituals. Christianity uses the bible to get what she wants. She uses the bible to justify slavery, and hate. This is clearly not the same Christianity that claims to follow Christ (the much loved and respected rabbi). This is the religion that is gaining a reputation of judgmental, ignorant, and hateful people throughout the world.

Looking at “religious people” today, it seems like Jesus would not be happy with us. Not because of the things we do but because of the things that we don’t do. We don’t feed the hungry; we don’t clothe the naked. We instead fight to keep people that are different than us out of the church. We fight to keep those who aren’t clean, like us, out.

Jesus was the one that went to eat with prostitutes and gay people. He sat with the homeless, and prayed with the social outcasts. He exploded at the money changes in the temple. He held Christians accountable while at the same time loved everyone else.

People of the time didn’t understand why a rabbi showed the grace or picked the followers that he did. But we now understand that a Christian is not meant to be an outstanding student, or a perfect person, but rather Christians are called to love the unlovable above all else.

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