Friday, September 17, 2010

Gay Christians

Here are two different Christian perspectives that I can respect. I think that I lean more towards the bottom video, in my personal beliefs but I think the top video brings out some excellent points as well.  I am a bit on the line. Maybe I will discuss my viewpoints in more detail at some point. If you have questions, ask. I love dialoging and thinking about religion and specific issues.

They do get a little long so here are some quick points - I think you should get the general idea.
1:11 - 2:05        3:05 - 3:35       4:30 - 4:50         5:35 - End

Here is the link.
Another view...
Highlights:    3:00 - 4:10        2:30 - 2:45         6:00 - end        0:25, 0:45, 5:24 - 5:30 

Here is this Link.
I expected this guy to anger me…but he didn’t...I liked him...

It is interesting to think about the difference in these videos. I have a ton of respect for the guy on the bottom. He does a good job of speaking his beliefs. He is not belligerent or mean. He simply has his beliefs and that is good. **Whoo-Paw** He has some good points about the freedom of speech as well. **Whoo-Paw**  (I think they show more in his Gay Avatar Protest video.  I'm not as big of a fan of that video.  But it makes me want to protest Avatar Movie because there aren't enough black Na'vi.) **Who-Pah**

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