Friday, October 1, 2010

Homosexuality and Christian Faith: A Theological Reflection

Homosexuality and Christian Faith: A Theological Reflection is an article written by a Christian theologian, Theodore W Jennings. His main purpose to provoke analytical thought about the issue at hand rather than to determine the rightness or wrongness of homosexuality. Jennings is good at not addressing morality but instead focusing on the meat of the various arguments and ways that people can view homosexuality. Throughout the majority of the article he neither condemns or condones homosexuality, but rather is seeking to help the reader understand.

The article analyzes basic arguments involving the relationship of the homosexual to the church. Some of these topics include the Levitical laws, temptation, morality, procreation, sexuality, marriage, celibacy, procreation, family-centeredness, obedience, freedom, obedient freedom, identification with the outcast and poor and the concept of the other.

The article concludes by stating that this writing is “only the outline of a position – and it is also very much a position ‘on the way.” He understand that these arguments need correction from both the “Judeo-Christian heritage and from a better understanding of homosexuality.’ More importantly these corrections can only come from discourse between the two groups.

I have always had a passion for philosophy and theology. Most Christian philosophy that I have read is extremely biased, without the author stating his obvious biases. Instead of addressing biases as truth, Jennings addresses them at the beginning. Several times throughout the reflection consciously throws out his biases.

The article was extremely interesting and thought provoking. Jennings accomplished his goal with this writing.

P.S. I think this will be the first of several responses to this article. I would like to comment on several of the sections and ask you opinions on several others.

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