Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gay Culture and Stereotypes

This image is interesting and humorous because of gay stereotypes, but where did these stereotypes come from? I understand some of the basic interactions and categories (based on stereotypes) that members of the GBLTQI community fit into. There are butch and femme and metro and queer and more.

This is one aspect of the GBLTQ community that I don’t understand much about is how the culture evolved. Where did the stereotypes come from? Why do butch lesbians cut their hair short and why do gay men do the hand flick and have a lisp? Why do queers dye their hair purple, green and pink at the same time?

Did these characteristics come first and then the terms to describe these people come later? Where do new sexualities come from? Are they just invented or better defined over time?

I know that not all people fit into these categories but I do want to know the origins and history of these stereotypes and when these cultures came to be (or words to describe them came to be).

Does anyone know or have comments or ideas?

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