Saturday, October 23, 2010

President Obama: It Gets Better

President Obama: It Gets Better video

After the recent suicides of young people, there have been a ton of “It Gets Better Videos.” These videos have been created by hundreds of YouTube bloggers as well as famous individuals. They address depression and ultimately tell people that things get better. They offer today’s youth the hope that they might not have.

The most recent video can be found at the GLSEN Blog, The White House Blog, my blog and YouTube. In this video, President Obama addresses these suicides.

Obama uses a personal approach that most everyone can agree with. He relates to various groups. He talks to all parents by explaining that he has two daughters. He also explains that he understands what it is like to be different and not fit in.

He then addresses the kids in a bullying situation and tells them that they are not alone and that the bullying or the negative feelings are not their fault. He reassures people that there are many people you can reach out to and they are not in this by themselves. He takes this reassurance one step further and encourages today’s youth to reach out and get help.

He concludes by talking about a world where our differences are seen as strengths that we can all be proud of. This America is a place where we are equal and have the right to respectfully speak our own opinions.

In this short video Obama is able to captivate most every American’s emotions. He addresses all of America, by showing them the problems of today and what the future can look like if we all take action.

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