Thursday, January 20, 2011


More art...

I am missing summer and Washington a bit.  Winter is beautiful but I miss the color and life.

Here are some photographs that I took over the summer.  I am fascinated by both large and small creations.  This set of photographs is focusing on small aspects of creation.  A couple summers ago, I went to a flower camp with my mother-in-law and we were introduced to some of the beauty that is smaller than the pinky fingernail of a small child.  It is miraculous that there is that much detail put into life forms that live above 14,000 feet.  These images are not from the camp but rather a large variety of climates in WA state, including rain forests, mountains (sub-alpine), the ocean, and a desert).

To see more of my photography see my photography blog.

Maybe I will post some winter photos soon....


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