Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Goals

My Goals for 2011 

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1.Do Art
a. I would like to make money off my art and continue marketing both for my design work and art as well. I would either like to sell work in a gallery, gift shop, farmers market, bazaar, on ETSY or any other venue.
b. I would like to create artwork for me. This could include working in mediums that I enjoy but don’t have as much time to use while in school. This also could include more crafty and upcycleing projects.
c. Mat ink drawings and photographs

2.Stay Healthy
a. I would like to continue to make exercise a part of daily life. While in Laramie I want to continue to go to weekly yoga classes, the rock wall and the break dance group. I also plan to continue riding my bike to class.  The hard part will be if we go somewhere else over the summer. The yoga classes are no longer free and I may not like them as much. I was not a fan of the yoga class I took over the summer and it was really too hot to ride my bike everyday.  The rock wall is also really expensive.
b. Think positively.  This may need to be broken up more but I know that I struggle with depression and in response negativity.  I know that it is not as simple as changing my thinking but it could help.  Maybe I will write more on depression...Maybe I will do some "art therapy."  I have been wanting to come up with lesson plans.  This would be a good way to do art and take care of myself.
c. Take time to relax by myself (baths and yoga).
d. Eat healthy snacks.

3.Read the Bible every day
a. Well I have been going strong for quite a while now. I read the whole Bible in the last 6 months and have started reading sections in more detail as well as opening up the Bible and reading where I open to. I was reading at least a chapter but I might start to read a couple verses over and over (like Lectio Divina style). I think that I will not really have any rules as long as I keep reading.

4.Grocery lists and food.
a. I would like to make a grocery list for two specific meals and cook both meals that week. As a part of this I would like to come up with ways to use the leftovers. I don’t expect to be good at this or do it every week but maybe once a month would be good.

5.Blog consistently
a.I would like to post in this blog and my design blog at least twice a week in addition to the Thursday 13.  In the summer I would like to post in my photography blog at least three to four times a week.

Of course these are general ideas and since they are mine I can change them at any time.

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