Saturday, January 22, 2011

Variety is The Spice of Life...or in This Case, The Source of Life

I sometimes get frustrated when I think of churches being huge buildings with constant remodeling and purchasing of unnecessary equipment. I was recently back home and my husband and I joined my parents at the church that I went to in high school. The church is gorgeous and huge.

As I was giving my husband a tour of the building, he was shocked at the size of the building and it made me think. Was this church I grew up in one of these maga-churches? My husband soon brought up the point that South Canyon Lutheran Church (SCLC) was able to provide so many services to the community that other churches don’t have a means to offer and I re-realized (the last time was in reference to various church beliefs toward music) that there is a need for all types of churches.

SCLC is able to provide weekly meals to the community, monthly meals for high school students (the high school is a couple hundred yards away), adopt over 50 families for Christmas and Easter, provide monthly meals for families in need, quilt hundreds of quilts to donate, pay for seminary students and work with many great organizations in the community.

SCLC is a wonderful church and communities need all kinds of churches. The church my husband and I attend (Emmaus Road Community Church)  meets in an old civic center with breaking folding chairs and little to no heat, but this church caters to the needs of a young community in a college town. There is a church in Spearfish, South Dakota that has a lot of doctors and set up a free clinic once a week and the church my husband grew up in regularly donates to missionaries.

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