Monday, January 10, 2011

Why Christian Music Sucks!!!

People in one of my classes seem to hate Christian music.  They also don't like Christians or anything to do with them.  They didn’t know that a band they listen to, Underoath, was a Christian band.  When they found out they decided to mock Christian music instead of admitting that Christians were capable of producing valid work.  Their reasons for why Christian music sucks are below along with my somewhat frustrated responses.

1. “If you have a crappy band, just start calling yourselves a Christian Band and you will have no problem getting fans.*”

Yes, there are bad Christian bands the same as there are bad secular bands, but when we consider that Christian record labels are fairly small in comparison to others it seems a little less likely that they would become famous.   If a band found out they stink and then switched to a Christian record label it would typically mean that they switched to a smaller label.  I think that bands have to be decent based on fans, their music samples, and playing small gigs before they can get signed (I could be wrong).

It could be assumed that there are Christians who like music simply because it is Christian (I am not sure why it is bad to like something simply because you want to support the group or cause) Maybe they like the lyrics, stage presence, like the beat or another specific quality.  All of these are valid reasons to like a band.  Many people like hip hop music for the beats, even if they believe that the chauvinistic lyrics are wrong and unintelligent.  Even if these are people's reasons for liking music, these are valid reasons to like a band and indicate that the music is good, not bad.

2. An example of a bad concept (in a graphic design class) could be “all those Christian Band Cd covers where its just people staring, like morons. Maybe they are staring at God.*”

Well most small startup bands have this problem with their CD covers. They don’t have the money to get a great CD cover, however, if you look at Invisible Creature (a Christian Design firm in Seattle) or Demon Hunter, a Christian band that has great design, you will see that not all Christian CD covers have terrible design.

Christian music often has extremely deep lyrics and concepts in their music.  These concepts often lead to great package design.

Quote 1 and 2 = debunked, I guess Christian music isn't the worst thing ever.

**Remember that these quotes (reasons for why Christian music sucks) come from some boys who just found out one of their favorite bands was a pretty famous Christian band.

Here are my favorite 13 Christian heavy bands and here are 13 more.  See for yourself.

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