Saturday, February 12, 2011

Afrikan Education and the Three Rs

Afrikan Independent Education - A different cultural grounding, a different world view (the way we see and interact with the world.)

- Make it Plain vid.

I’m not as big of a fan of the two hosts as I am the people that are interviewed.

I really like the interviews. It is great that they speak with people in the education field. The teacher (she seems like an art teacher, but is a Social Studies teacher and has art in the background) is my favorite. I love that she compares the African to American values of relationship and knowledge (2:40). The breakdown of the way people see the world (4:20).

I also agree with the math teacher. We don’t need more math in the “boarding worksheet kind of way,” lets start a chess club where we break down the math.

I do think that programs like Central High School has for Native Americans are essential.
“Its not about getting a job…”

education part 1

I don’t think that most education systems are as bad as the one in this video. I can not argue about the race part. I have never been in a black public school. I also am not a huge fan of this video but I will point out some of the more interesting quotes and through out some random comments.
I agree that schools should stay a local issue.

The three Rs.
reading, remembering and regurgitating
I know that it is bad when the schools teach our kids things that we don’t want them to believe, it is bad. I understand this and don’t disagree but I do also believe that staying home with our kids will do more for them than changing the school system. If the school isn’t doing its job of making kids think for themselves, the parents need to step in and teach the kids to think and learn on their own. It is true that you get educated at home.

The language thing is a silly argument, here and in relationship to the Internet and texting. Kids can separate the two.  But in response to my solution to the problem, I might have to say that the kids might need to work harder.  It stink but sometimes you need to work harder to get the same grades as others.  I am not trying to be mean and I realize that this isn't always realistic but when it is possible, do it.

I agree we should have more arts infused into other subjects. Math and science wont do any good without creativity and the ability to think critically for your self. The best Geometry project we had was to design a racetrack. We then voted on our favorite and drew it in the parking lot. We raced remote control cars for extra credit. I still remember how on ramps and exit ramps were created from that project.

I disagree with them about MLK Jr.  I think that both the Panthers (and other similar groups) and MLK were necessary for the battle but I think that MLK did more good than harm.  I would also say the same about the Panthers, Malcolm X, James Cone and many other famous African American activists.  You need the balance (through variety) for a social movement to end well.

How would you change education, the education system, or the way you responded to the education system?  Do you think it needs changes?  What can you do to actually solve or better a problem that you see?  It can be in regard to race, religion or anything else.

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