Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Are We All Murderers?

Proverbs 4:23 says, "Be careful what you think because your thoughts control your actions(CEV)"

Part 1
"It is terrible that people can do this to one another.  How? Why?"  I asked this in one of my classes while we were talking about the history of slavery in Haiti.

The professor responded with the fact that we still have slaves.  For example, we buy cell phones with parts that are mined by children in terrible situations (similar to those depicted in the movie Blood Diamond).  We purchase diamonds and clothing made overseas.  We are only adding to the ability of to take advantage of those already disadvantaged.

The examples of our seeking simplicity, money and power are devastating and shocking when we really look into what we are supporting and purchasing.  I am not saying that we are as terrible or mean as the people who tortured this young man but I would like to say that we do not like people who take away our power or are fighting for their freedom at the expense of our money.  We do not like it when we are not in control.  We do not like certain people groups based on our own irrational fears and ignorance.  We do not treat other people well and we do not love our brothers and sisters.

In this story the boy smiled and talked to a white woman.  There are people today who are still murdered for similar actions (think of the GLBT community**).  Think about being hit on by a gay man.  What are your thoughts in this situation?

Keep in mind that your thoughts do lead to actions...

Part 2

PBS page

Posts on what we can do...The only ideas I have anyways

Grace can Save Lives

The Gospel - a poster from the Grace is A Bit Queer Series

What If? - another poster

A Love Letter From God to print

**Gay Teen Suicides/Murders
**News Report

 Invisible Children  

I am sure that there are more organizations where we get involved on a larger scale.  Do you know any?  Please post them below.  I will do the same as I find more organizations.

What else can we do to show love instead of hate?

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