Thursday, February 3, 2011

Intro to Black Hair

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Here is these guy’s blog. It is a little intense…but enjoy!

Regardless of where we stand in relationship to the belief systems of the hosts of this video, they do bring up some important issues in reference to black hair and the black community.  The first video interviews people and shows the pro-relaxer side of the story and the other shows the pro-natural side (my side).  Enjoy and learn a little about the debate.  I will add some links to my other posts on the topic, including pictures of my hair and a Tyra Banks Show on the topic.

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I did get my hair relaxed all through middle school and high school.  The first time I remember having scabs all over my head.  The chemicals were extremely painful and damaged my hair.  In the past couple yeast I have not relaxed my hair.  My natural curl has come back and my hair is several inches longer.  It is healthier.

I think that people who have natural hair tend to take better care of it.  They wear protective styles and see the importance of building strong hair.  Those with natural hair also tend to apply heat less also making the hair healthier and stronger.

I don't think that there is anything wrong with relaxing hair but I have seen how much healthier it is in its natural state and the curl is something to be proud of.  I also like the I can hot comb or flat iron my hair and wear it straight and long when I want to.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on the topic?  Did you know that it was an issue in the black community?  What are your thoughts on relaxed vs. natural?

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