Friday, February 18, 2011


I attended The Good Mule Conference last weekend. One of the sessions included a workshop with the group Slam NUBA. The group was incredibly inspiring. We discussed writing from the heart and using art as a form of activism. My favorite poem was by Suzie Q and was about black beauty. I am having a hard time finding it (it is in this book but not online anywhere) but here is some of her other poetry. The first in this video was one that she performed for us.

Suzie Q
The second poem does include some swearing.

One of my favorite quotes from Suzie Q was that her “goal is not to make you hare [her] beliefs but to make you understand, to see, just for a moment.” This is so beautiful because that is what activism, and art, are all about. You want to educate people about an issue but your end goal is not always to agree but rather to both come out as better, more well rounded, and socially aware individuals.  If a piece leads to dialog, that is often more intriguing and beneficial than a conversion of ones beliefs.

In response to her second poem, I think I will be posting about God not being on sides (hmm I will either take the “God doesn’t pick a country” argument or the “what race is God topic?” Maybe I will write a post on both theories).

Bobby LeFebre and Ayinde Russell were the other two poets in the conference. I love how Bobby uses Spanish. It is so beautiful.  I remember when I asked my Spanish prfessor where a rule (I think about a stem change) came from and his response was "por que es mas bonita, es no fea como Ingles ."

Both of these guys had poems for their wives which inspiring as well.

The three of these performing artists were so full of soul and wisdom.

Bobbly LeFebre

I didn’t get to see either of these poem live.
Click here if the video doesn't play.

The passion and humor is great!

Ayindie Russell

We didn’t hear this one either…

We saw at least part of this. I don’t remember the “We rise together part” but do remember him singing “we are not alone.” Either way, I love it when people break out in song.

Click here if the video doesn't play.

I am curious to know where NUBA comes from. Does anyone know? or are you going to make me do all the work? :)

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