Friday, April 1, 2011

Dave Allen

I have never heard of Dave Allen before to know anything about him.  This video is pretty clean, which I like.  It does include laughing at a young boys experience with Catholicism.

My favorite part is at the end.  Enjoy! 

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What were your thoughts?  Is it ok to laugh at yourself and your beliefs?  I would say that it is and here is why this video does not offend me.

When I was in high school I wrote a series about my favorite two sports.  The stories made them sound pretty terrible time wasters.  Softball was composed of several people running around in a circle after hitting a ball with a stick.  Meanwhile another group of people is trying to get the ball where you are going, faster than you can get there.  My explanation of golf was hitting a ball into a hole with stick.  Now these are not funny but they do make two things that I am passionate about sound pretty lame.  I guess that is how I look at this video (except his dumbed down explanations are funny).

If you enjoyed this, here is some more humor...

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