Thursday, March 17, 2011

How Much do you Know About Religion?

Here are my scores for a quiz I took on a variety of religions.  I missed a question about Ramadan (that I should have known) and the other was about the Bible in schools (I guessed on that one).
The sad thing is that (13 out of 15) 87% isn't that great : (

Here is the survey site.
Try the test yourself and let me know what you score in the comment section

See stats from a variety of groups below.  It is pretty nerdy but interesting.

Average Scores based on various traits.
It seems to make sense the the more education you have more you would know and be able to answer questions about a variety of topics.
I think it is ironic that many of the Christian beliefs systems know very little about religion.  It is especially sad that all but one religion knows less about world religions than Atheists/Agnostics.
Church Participation
I was shocked that church participation had absolutely no affect on the scores.
 Who Knows the most?
This makes me think that Christians need to learn more about other religions.  I was talking to my husband about this and that it is a good thing to understand other religions.  Even though it was once seen as a negative in the church, it is really beneficial.  It not only makes you a more well rounded person, but it also helps you understand more about where others are coming from.

Read the full report for more information.

What is your score?  Post it below.

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