Friday, March 18, 2011

More on Mormons - Eternal Progression Chart

This chart lays out the basics of Eternal Progression.  The spirit world is where the spirits live.  Christ and Satan were brothers, this is where the battle between the two play a role. 
In order to become humans spirit babies need a body.  Born according to merit refers to what role the spirit of the person played in the battle.  Satan (Lucifer) and his followers are denied a human body.  One step up were those who remained neutral in the battle; they were born with black skin.  The great warriors for God were born to Mormon families here on earth.

Leaving earth is considered the first death or a physical death.  You either go to Paradise or hell (spirit prison).  This is one area where confusion between non-Mormon Christians and Mormons may arise.  Mormons consider Spirit Prison to be Hell where non-Mormons refer to Second Death, or Outer Darkness, as Hell.  After the split after the physical death everyone (except Satan and his followers) face judgment.  They will then go to Second Death (non-Mormon Hell) or to one of the three heavens.  Sons of Perdition are ex-Mormons.  The wicked of the world could be seen as Hitler and Jack the Ripper.  Honorable non-Mormon Christians would go to the Terrestrial Kingdom (Jesus sometimes visits), and Mormons would be split up between the three levels of the Celestial Kingdom.

**Please help me understand if my understanding/interpretation is not what is actually believed.

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