Monday, April 4, 2011

More on Mormons - Mormon Myths

Here is a video that I found interesting.  It addresses the common understanding of several Mormon myths and explains why they are not true.

I am not saying that this video is wrong as I am sure whoever created it knows much much much more about the religion than I do; however, I would like to explore where these myths come from.

Here is a list of myths

1. Most Mormons live in Utah
2. All Mormons practice Polygamy - Plural Marriage
3. Mormons don’t believe in the Bible - Keep in mind they may not see it the same way as other Christians and Joseph Smith rewrote the Bible (thought it is my understanding the Mormons do not use the rewritten version), but rahter the King James Version, here are some of the reasons people may think/believe that Mormons don't believe the Bible
4. Mormons are Not Christians (it has been argued that Mormons do not believe in Christ as The Only Way (Jesus Plus Program)
5. Mormons Worship Joseph Smith - God and Jesus are seen as separate beings? Eternal Progression Eternal Progression Chart
6. Mormons don’t Smoke or Drink - This is True…Tricked you

I don't know a lot about the Mormon church (which is the point of study) and I realize that there is misinformation all over the place. Please share your views below. Especially if you disagree...That is the only way to learn. I am certainly not anti-Mormon, just a curious person.

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