Saturday, April 23, 2011

Typology Quatrafoils

A simple definition of a typology is something that connects the Old and New Testaments.  A common example in Medieval art is Ecclesia and Synagoga.  Ecclesia represents the new church and Synagoga the Old.  In one window Christ has one hand on the head of each to show that both books are written by him, but also because the OT is the Foundation of the NT.  Some other interpretaions of the two characters are much more political.  For example Synagoga may be represented as being blindfolded, with a broken spear, tripping and dropping the tablets.  This Synagoga was representative of the Jews and how they were "unable to see the truth of Christ and seen as lower class citizens."

The typologies in my window are not political but lighthearted and fun.
Jesus and the Lamb.
Noah Discovers Wine and the Communion Chalice
Christ standing on the Law
The Root of Jesse.

Can you think of any other typologies?

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