Monday, May 2, 2011

Bible vs. Koran??

 I found this cartoon the other day when I was looking for some design inspiration.

Being an art student, I am used to this attitude and see it nearly every day.  My husband is a PhD student in Electrical Engineering and topics like this really don’t come up. 
There was a ceramics project up in our fine arts building a couple weeks ago.  The project appeared to be from Beginning Ceramics and the project had to do with using slabs of clay to build something.  One of the projects was a Bible like book that said “JESUS: Today’s Modern Fairy Tale.”  My husband was appalled (not surprised) at the idea of people mocking Christianity.  He brought up the point that you would never see something like this referencing the Koran or a Holy Book from another religion.
When I found this image while searching for inspiration, I literally laughed out loud.  I guess I commend any artist who can humorously capture the sad realities of life.
Check out my poster project that was in response to a series of Christian-Bashing posters…

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