Thursday, May 26, 2011

Save Me From Myself

I was watching a little LA Ink while I was sorting through a box from our storage shed.  Head from KORN went in and talked about his story of going from the band and doing tons of drugs.  He went to church, thought everyone was crazy, went home, prayed anyway, and gave up drugs to take care of his little girl.

I always thought that taking care of your kids with or without religion is an incredibly responsible decision.  I do like KORN (and have since I was little), but I was extremely excited when I heard that Head had become a Christian and was producing a solo album.

See the first few minutes of this video for Head's "conversion story"

The last couple minutes of this video talks more about Head's album, his experience with KORN, and his drug addiction.

Head's new song, Save me from Myself....I have always liked how KORN talked about serious issues and the lyrics had a sense of positivity (though still negative) rather than complete negativity like some of Slipknot's lyrics. Anyways that was my experience (and I did a bad job explaining it : ). I love that Head is able to do the same thing from a Christian perspective now....He is real and talks about the garbage in life and how he is healing.

Being an art student, I have gotten pretty used to people bashing Christians for being judgemental.  However, it seems that non-Christians can be pretty judgemental as well.  Here is the one comment that was posted below the video.

"Head up drugs to move on to something even more dangerous - religion! F**** up more people every year than any drug can!"

What are some anti-Christian comments you have heard recently?  Where do you think these negatice stereotypes come from?

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