Friday, June 3, 2011

Art Lesson Ideas for Haiti

Haiti Journal Entry #2

1. Nature Art – Use Andy Goldsworthy for inspiration
2. Hemp bracelets and jewelry - I know up to a 12 stand knot pattern and as simple as a braid
3. Faith Journey Bracelets using paper beads. This could be incorporated into a Bible study of some sort.  I have used it for Bible studies before as an ice breaker.  A story of Jesus bead could also be included.
4.  Friendship bracelets using colored string
Image from ScienceBuzz.o
5. Still life drawing – set up whatever is around and draw
6. Draw a picture from the imagination
7. Art Journaling – How many kids will there be? What supplies will I need to take? This could be incorporated into a Bible study of some sort.
8. Homemade Watercolor paints – Could be incredibly simple
9. Design posters – Maybe make a poster (or even a card) for you family or best friend
10. Write a poem – no rules just write what you think or feel
11. Collage – use magazine pages or dried leaves.  Maybe introduce the idea of journaling being a form of prayer.
12. Origami – Use old magazine pages
13. Pet rocks – I would need to take googly eyes

This is just my brainstorm list.  I am not sure that all of these will be culturally or age appropriate.  We will be having a meeting about the trip soon, so I can ask which ones would be plausible.  Do you guys have any more project ideas that are versatile and have a small supply list?  Or any project ideas that could be used as a part of a Bible study?  

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