Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thomazeau, Haiti

The little village of Thomazea is located outside (North-East) of Croix-des-Bouquets. It consists of about 100 houses. Though I am not sure about the number of people living in the majority of the houses, some of them have ten to fifteen people.

We were working in this village to help build chicken coupes. The community was great; they did a great job when it came to working.

The kids were also a ton of fun to be around.

Here are some photos of the village and villagers. 

Just hanging out.
Big brother

The men were incredibly hard workers and the women took care of the families (Also not an easy task).  Some of the ladies from our group were frustrated when jobs on the chicken coupe were taken from them by the Haitian men.  Though I completely agree, it was frustrating; I think we were there for something bigger that simply building a chicken coupe.  We were there to equip a community to sustain itself.  We were there to be Jesus to the kids who have never had anyone out side of the community spend time with them.  We were there to learn about a culture.  We were there to teach and love on people.  I think these greater things can only be accomplished to their fullest extent when we let go of our selfishness and go with the flow.

This guy was great.  He was one of the hard workers.

This was just after we picked up her son to help with the chicken coupe.
Some of the kids.


Hey God! 
Thank you for the privileges that allow me to the opportunity to work on a missions trip like this.
I pray that you would send me back at some point.
I pray that you would help us to accomplish the tasks you have in mind.  
I pray that we would listen to you even when it is difficult.  
I pray that the impacts from this trip will last many more years, 
and touch many more lives, than we can ever imagine.

You can see several more photos of the village "In the Country" section of my "Life in Haiti" post.

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