Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Being Jesus/Love in Haiti

Some of the plans for this trip included working on a Chicken coupe and working at an orphanage. We did not get to spend much time at the orphanage but we were able to spend a significant amount of time with the kids in the village of Thomazeau.

One day I was feeling a bit unproductive because I was with the kids rather than working on the chicken coupe.

Pastor Mark, the Haitian pastor we were working with, thanked me for loving on the kids. He said “you are being Jesus to these kids.” It was a great revelation. These kids have probably never had anyone who just took the time to play with them.  The young girl Evette probably really enjoyed having another young woman around. 

While there, we made bracelets and paper beads.  These projects were both projects that I was able to share with Evette first.  I was able to teach her, then have her help me teach some of the younger kids.  With the beads, she was able to monitor the project and insisted that only the older kids and younger ladies help with the project.  Her brother was extremely happy when I left the beads and supplies with the family.  It was interesting because all I really left was a glue bottle, scissors, a magazine some paper, and the 50 or so beads that they had helped make.  It really was not much, but it meant a lot.

The younger kids loved having their pictures taken. After a photo was taken, they would gather around the camera and fight to see the image.  They would also fight to be in the front of the photographs.  It was quite humorous, but made for some great photographs.

Not only was I able to spend time with the kids, I was able to set up an opportunity (including translator) for Pastor Brad to share the gospel with the kids I was with, as well as bring others (when willing) from our group into conversations with the kids.

Pastor Mark was right.  My job was significant and was an opportunity to "be Jesus to the kids."

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