Saturday, March 17, 2012

Facts About the Shamrock and St. Patrick’s Day

My favorite part about St. Pats day is always the shake

1. St. Patrick used it to symbolize the trinity and triune God.
2. Shamrocks were originally worn to represent crosses.
3. They are now worn on St. Patrick’s feast day.
4.  Short, but Good Video

5. Shamrocks are used to treat snake and scorpion bites.
6. The national symbol of Ireland is not the shamrock but the harp.
7. A shamrock is presented the Irish Guards by a member of the British Royal Family on St. Patrick’s Day.
8. The first written English reference to the shamrock is 1571.
9. St. Patrick was a British slave?
    Link to Video

10.  Several thoughts on the shamrock.

11. I’m not so sure about this video…but enjoy the humor.

12. Misc. Facts and a more in-depth history.  Created by some lil' kids.  The second half is a song.

13. My dad was born on St. Patrick’s Day and his name is Pat. Wish him a Happy Birthday below! 

White girl hair tutorial (it may work on a little black girls hair too, but I don’t know) ; )

More details about the history and symbolism of the shamrock.

PS if you did not catch it, this post is dedicated to my daddy.  Happy birthday again...Love you!!!


  1. I didn't know that shamrocks were used to treat snake bites! Is that an old remedy, or do people still try it? I also love the hair tutorial; I wish I'd seen that before Saturday.

  2. I don't know about the shamrocks but I certainly found it interesting....There is always next year for the hair. ;)

    Happy St. Patty's Day