Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Managing Your Temper

If you are like me you have lost your temper a time or two, only to regret it later.  I thought I would share some tricks, quotes, and Bible verses about controlling your temper and the benefits.  Hope this helps you next time you are about to blow.

Photo taken in Haiti.  Check out my art blog to see more art from my Haiti trip

New Research: The Nicer the Mom, the Smarter the Kid -  A great post for moms includes ways to not loose your temper at the very end.
Your Diet and Your Temper - MSN Health discusses some foods to calm your temper as well as other ways your mood
10 Tips to Tame Your Temper  - 10 simple actions to help keep your anger levels low

Anger and Your Health

25 Reasons Not to Loose Your Temper  - Includes tips and health reasons
Losing your Temper is Bad for Your Health - and here is why

The Bible Tells Me So...

and if the above info was not enough here are 28 Bible verses about Anger and Managing Your Temper.

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