Saturday, May 19, 2012

4 More Interesting Topics Surrounding Voodoo

Voodoo Dolls binding people to Haiti, to a family or to another.

Have you ever heard about Voodoo Dolls, Zombification or wondered about the rolls of the Catholic Church and Jazz in Voodoo? Well here are some basics on these four topics.  Click the links for information form the Voodoo museum in New Orleans (keep in mind New Orleans Voodoo is not the same as Haiti's Voodoo).

The voodoo doll - I actually saw some of these and talked to a man who was had a spell cast on him by the woman (whom he had never met) who is now his wife.  These dolls are typically used to bind someone.  In this example the wife bound the man to her, after the binding ceremony, they met and got married.

Zombification - My understanding is that a zombie is created once a spell is cast, the person looses life signs but is not dead (possibly due to a powder), is buried, and brought back.  The zombie is now under the spell that is cast.

Jazz - Voodoo is a world that means to dance.  Music and dance are integral to Voodoo religion.  Music interacts with the possessing spirit.  Different spirits have different beats that accompany them.

Catholicism - During colonization Catholicism was the dominant religion forced onto those who were captured as slaves.  As would be expected African beliefs were kept but adapted to the only religion they were allowed and forced to practice.

Moving Like Bernie (a parody of a zombificaiton scene in Weekend at Bernie's)

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