Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hindu Temples in Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, and West Bengal

As a student of religious studies and philosophy I of course am fascinated with various religions. As I traveled throughout India I took several opportunities to explore the Hindu (and other) temples. This video shares a small portion of a couple of the Devi Goddess Temples in New Delhi. As I walk through be sure to look at all the art and beauty you can see in the highly decorative Hindu culture.

This video consists of two separate ceremonies. The first half is a ceremony from a village near Bishnapur in West Bengal and the second is from Madhya Pradesh. For more insight into what is going on be sure to check out my YouTube page to see (and join in) the conversation with a Bengali man in response to this video. He has some great insight.

Though I have not posted them to my YouTube account, I plan to have at least one more pooja video in addition to several videos from a guided Khajuraho tour.

I will continue to share many more videos from my time in India so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube account as well as my Facebook and Art Blog to actually see how India impacted me and my art. As I share more and more of my artwork inspired by my travels in India I am sure that these videos will help you understand where this new inspiration is coming from.