About sckrlgn

The idea for the name came from looking at who Christ was and what Christianity looks like from the outside world.  Christians are not seen as followers of Christ, they are seen as mean, unfair, judgmental, and ignorant.  Christ was loved by all (with the exception of the religious leaders of the day).  Why are Christians seen as the opposite of this.

I guess, there is a part of me that wants to see Churches become the place where the troubled, the hurting and the people that are reject by society can go.  I am sick of seeing Christians not love the outcasts. In the same way that Jesus healed the sick I want him to heal and unify the church.

I don't believe that religion or Christians are bad just that the religion should be analyzed and this is my place to do that.  I am not trying to teach through this site nor do I want to say that these thoughts and ramblings are 100% true.  I need to examine both sides before I can believe something.  I am the type of person who needs to analyze my beliefs and maybe discover some things on my own before I can believe what I am told to believe.