Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Haiti Journal 3 Missions, Vacations, and Vactions with Purpose

As I am preparing for Haiti, I am exploring some of the motivations for the trip and decided look up what other people had to say about mission trips.  Here are the two articles and my response.  After looking at the types of trips, I know that I want to learn from this trip while at the same time have to opportunity to interact with hurting people and do it all for the glory of God, by going where he leads me.  Here are some other people's thoughts on mission trips.

Other People's Thoughts
Humanitarian vs Mission Trip
I really liked this short post. The way this author explained the difference between a Humanitarian trip and a Mission Trip was that “the differnece between a mission trip and a humanitarian trip is working for the good of God vs. the good of man.”

Mission Trips vs. Trips with purpose
I am curious to know if these trips are for non-Christians to have a similar experience and really do what they believe in. I guess, I don’t see anything wrong with this concept as long as Christians understand the difference and are honest about their motivations.

It seems like this article is arguing that Trips with Purpose are simply ways to say that “I’m good and I deserve this consumerism because I am working for.” I agree that this attitude is bad, but at the same time, I don't think that is everyone's heart and the heart is what is important. I guess I would argue that both types of trips can be good along with vacation. All of these types of trips are important for Christians.

My Definitions
Humanitarian Trip - On a humanitarian trip, it is likely that faith will come up if interacting with others (this missional heart is good and you do not need to go with a Christian group). It is also likely that you could impact an entirely different people group that you would probably not reach the same way on a mission trip.

Mission Trips - Mission trips are wonderful. They often provide an educational aspect and you are going for the purpose of sharing Christ or advancing the gospel. In my experience, there has always been a humanitarian element, but the overall goal is to go where you are led. My fast approaching trip to Haiti will definitely be a Mission Trip and I an extremely excited.

Vacation with Purpose - I have never heard of a Vacation with Purpose before, but I suppose I have done this naturally. I have a hard time not talking with homeless people while in a big city and I am typically touched by the garbage that happens in peoples lives. I guess this section could include a trip that is extremely luxurious and you don’t interact with people in “need.” This type of trip is not for me, but rich people are often hurting and/or need Jesus as well. I understand that the consumerism in America is excessive, but if that is your lifestyle, I do support going on a trip like this for the sake of interacting with others who love money and luxury.

Vacation - Vacations are extremely important. They offer a chance for a family to interact and spend some sabbatical time together. People need breaks. God needed a break and in response we are expected to have periods of rest. This time probably should not be void of positive interactions with others; however, it does not need to be the focus and there is nothing wrong with “getting away.”

Dear God. Please help this upcoming trip to be about you and where you want us to be. Please start working in peoples hearts and prepare ourselves and others for the conversations and interactions we are about to have. I also pray that our labors will be fruitful both in the Kingdom and in Haiti (here on earth). I also ask that you will help us to bring back the truths that you want us to share with our friends and family. I pray that the group will work well together and that we will all have a role that we fulfill. Please help us to be flexible and have a wonderful time. It would be great to be able to see some of true Haitian culture as well ; ) AMEN!

These are just some of my thoughts what do you think about the various kinds of trips?  How would you define them differently? 

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  1. I think I would also add a business or educational trip to this if I were to edit or rewrite. I will be traveling to India as part of an art class for the purpose of expanding my art business/production and education.