Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Prayer

God, I would like to pray for those that don’t know you and don’t know about Jesus. 
I pray that they could find you in this holiday season.
I especially pray for those who don’t have a family, friends or a home. 
I pray that they would feel safe and warm.
Please help people leave their selfishness behind, if even for a day.
I pray for Chino and Daniella as well as Crazy Horse (maybe I will share these stories).
Please keep those on the streets safe. 
I pray for the Rapid City Mission and similar organizations.
Please help the Soup Kitchen find volunteers for this holiday season.
Help those of us who have much to share with others who have less.
I pray for people living with and dying from disease.
I pray for my pastors (Todd, JeriAnn, Brad, Diane, Layne, Jennifer and their families).
I also lift up the prayers of others in this holiday season.
(Please add a comment for a prayer that you have…)

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