Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Prayer for My Art


Please help me to develop my niche in art. 
Help my art to glorify you and to be honest. 
I also want to use my art to help people. 
Whether you want my studio to be in a youth venue or 
youth center or you want me to volunteer at a homeless shelter, 
please help those desires to become my desires. 
Please help me find Christian mentors in the art field 
who can support me and encourage me to develop according to you will. 
Again I pray that your will would become my desire. 
Help me to develop discipline in the studio and 
help my business to glorify you and help those in need. 
Help me to learn what you want me to learn and use the gifts you gave me 
(Thanks again!) 
to glorify you and your kingdom. 
I truly believe that you would not have given me the passions 
(working with those in need and art) 
if you didn’t want me to use them in a specific or a variety of ways. 
Please grant me the wisdom to know what your will is and what your goals for me are. 


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