Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Last Years New Years Goals/Resolutions

My last years resolutions included finishing things, specifically Jade Empire, Cooking fun new foods, learning Sign Language and Spanish, read the Bible every day, doing Yoga, taking care of myself (including doing yoga and going to the rock wall).

I didn’t finish Jade Empire but I played over 30 hours and it is supposed to be a 20 hour game. I thought that I was closer to finishing it than I was, so I don’t feel too bad.

I did cook lots of new foods including Chinese, sushi, and eggplant.

I have taken care of myself for the most part, I did yoga weekly, have been break dancing, relaxing and gone to the rock wall. I also ride my bike to school most days.  Quitting my job may have been the healthiest thing that I did.  I was working overnights and was being forced to stay up for over 30 hours straight.  After I went back to sleeping I lost around 8 pounds in a week with out changing anything but my sleep schedule.

I have read every day since August 09.

I learned a lot of Spanish and Sign Language. I can understand Spanish better than I can speak it and I can sign better than I can read it. I am still working on Sign Language.

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I will get you all a list of my new goals soon...I haven't come up with them yet.

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