Tuesday, February 22, 2011

African America Reading List

The Secret Life of Bees
By: Sue Monk Kidd

I worked at a church camp one summer and one of my campers gave me this book. It was the grandmother of three of the children (it was a family camp).  This book is about strong black women living in the 1960's dealing with life and racism.  I remember that I really liked the book but don’t remember much.

Book Review
Movie Trailer

Another clip of the movie and an interview with Alicia Keys.  I had no clue that she was in The Cosby Show.  Either way I have always love Alicia Keys...

From Strength to Love

This book is compiled of sermons from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. They are incredibly powerful.

When reading this book you can really see how it is black theology.  MKL Jr. addresses African Americans and standing up to the white man with love an peace. 

When I was reading it I was really excited that I could see parallels with James Cone (which makes sense).

Black Power and Black Theology

James Cone

James Cone takes his theology from the Christianity of Martin Luther King and mixes it with a little Malcolm X.  We are starting to read one of his other books in my African American Religions Culture class.  It should be a good controversial read (considering I am going to school in Wyoming).

More information on James Cone

You Tube Video

What Obama’s church says about Obama is that he has deep roots in America’s history and his hisoty different from that of the average white person.  We are one America with the same history but denying that different people had very different experiences in that history is complete ignorance.  I think that the fear is that many people are afraid to admit that this historical difference still has major impacts in society.  Cone should also be seen as a art of the time period. 

God is the God of the oppressed.

Bullets by Suzie Q Smith

This is the next book on my reading list...

I have heard one of these poems performed love and loved it. The main aspect of slam poetry that I love is how it is usually socially active and intelligent. It is a powerful form of art that can, and will, change the world.

What books would you add to this list?

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