Tuesday, February 8, 2011

African American Barbie

Black Barbie

There are many pro and anti Barbie arguments out there. I see some validity in both. I realize that Barbie does offer unrealistic and impossible ideals about body image to young girls. At the same time Barbie has shown many young women that they can be anything that they want.

These examples of Black Barbies are inspiring because a lot of black women may not have been told that they can do anything that they want, however, black women can do anything the same as anyone else.  I love that some of these Barbies have natural hair, another important topic to the black community.

No matter where you stand on the pro to anti Barbie spectrum, it is hard to deny that these images haveto potential to offer inspiration to many young ladies around the world. In addition they shed light on an important part of American history.

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