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Why I Hate Black History Month

First off it is obvious that I don't hate Black History Month but figured I would throw give you a break with some other perspectives.

The Video Below 

Jewish American Heritage Month

Is Black History Month Racist 
I like this video quite a bit.

Morgan Freeman

My Personal Rant (Just some thoughts, I hope they are not too jumbled and I hope they are developed enough that you can make some sense from them)  Just comment if you want clarification or to argue.  I am not dead set on any of these being the right answer (nor am I set on there actually being a right answer).

Hmm I think that culture and the color of skin (this is a little about James Cone - see below) are some things that should be praised and cherished, not ignored. Trying to turn all history into American history is a lofty and respectable goal; however if there is any chance that we would loose the individual and unique cultures along the way, I can not support “one history.”

I can see American culture morphing into one culture over time but I am not going to fight for less variety in culture or a unification of two cultures that don’t necessarily work as one.

Sometimes I wonder if the main reason for the argument that we should not have an African-American, and a Mexican-American, and a Italian-American and all the other hyphenated-American cultures is because some of the histories are too hard to deal with.  I guess what I am trying to say is that we already don't talk about "the other" or the US history of "the other."  If you want to learn about more of some of these histories, click on a name.  Asatta Shakur   Mumia Abu Jamal  Sojourner Truth   Marcus Garvey  Maya Angelou   Langston Hughes  Still on the way - W.E.B. DuBois  James Cone (see my above rambling)  Dead Prez  Bob Marley  The Marroons   Malcolm X   MLK Jr  Emmit Till  Harriet Tubman.

At some point I would love to do a series on Native American History, maybe I will for Native-American Day.  I think that many NA's got the shaft more than many blacks in the US.  Many people don't even know what is going on, on many of the Indian reservations.

Maybe people don't want to admit that there are still problems, they don't understand that there are still problems, or understand the nature and history of these problems.  It is ok to not understand or think that we should just get over our past histories but it is not ok to sweep the history under the rug of the dominate culture because we want to maintain our naive ignorance.

Here are some more responses to the original video

My favorite response
These guys are pretty funny, but watch "I hate Black History Month" first.

Jewish American Heritage Month

I like this girl too

Another response I enjoy
Hah, I don't blame Bush for the events she is discussing but for more conspiracy theories check out my Illuminate you mind project (my blog post and website)

I have heard that they don't study the Holocaust in Germany nearly as much as we do in America. Is this true? Does Germany ignore some of the events that we see as blatant facts? Just curious, because if this is true it does show that "the winner" controls the history. If anyone knows, I am really curious to hear input.

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